Frequently Asked Questions

How much system maintenance is required?

Fortunately, PV systems are relatively low maintenance. Nevertheless, to keep your system running optimally, you’ll want to hire a qualified, credentialed solar O&M provider to clean, monitor, maintain and repair it. Proper maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your investment in the long term.

The first critical component of PV system maintenance is cleaning. Once or twice a year (more if your system resides in a dusty area), eliminating dirt and debris such as bird droppings ensures efficient absorption of solar rays.

Occasional system checks will also be required as well as scheduled replacement of components that have exceeded their lifespan.

How do I know if something is wrong with my system?

Your solar structure very likely includes a monitoring platform to which data about the system is sent. In addition, Pacific Power Solutions will implement tracking to detect changes in your system’s production that might be indicative of a problem. This data allows us to diagnose the issue and determine when service is needed.

Customers can also track system production and set up system alerts, even to their mobile phone.

Is my system operating at maximum capacity?

Solar panel efficiency is a measure of how much of the sun’s energy a solar panel is able to convert into electricity under ideal conditions. For example, a panel with an 18% efficiency rate would produce power equal to 18% of what it gets from the sun. Today’s commercially-available solar panels are able to achieve a 15% to 24% efficiency rate on average.

Real-world panel performance is never the same as efficiency ratings achieved under ideal, laboratory-like conditions, however. Less-than-optimal light, the position of the panels and extreme temperatures can all adversely affect efficiency ratings. Your solar system installer should provide you with realistic performance expectations based on weather history in your area.

Based on our system of tracking production, Pacific Power Solutions can determine what strategies to implement when your system is not meeting projected expectations. Variables such as dirty or defective panels or inverters can affect the output of an entire solar panel installation. Unreported system outages can negatively impact both revenue and productivity. PPS is here to help.